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Chesterwye Programs & Services


Chesterwye Center is dedicated to a client-centered approach.

We are a licensed provider of the Maryland Office of Health Care Quality and

the Maryland Department of Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

Please contact our Care Team to learn more:   |   410-827-7048  Ext: 302

Chesterwye Center provides support services to meet the diverse needs of individuals living with their families, living alone or with housemates. Our goal is to connect people to the communities and resources where they live. We assist with medical appointments, banking, meal planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, budgeting and housekeeping, as well as recreational activities. The goal is to enable people to stay active in their communities.

Residential Program

Chesterwye offers a safe, healthy and social program with regular activities that are fun and mentally stimulating. The program is designed to encourage discovery of personal talents and desires.  Meaningful Day includes day trips to local venues for shopping, sightseeing, local hiking and entertainment.  A "Meaningful Day" can be as simple as a visit from a therapy dog or as engaging as learning to paint.  Adults in the program also have access to exercise equipment and electronics such as computers and tablets. Support, education and assistance are provided when using equipment.  The Senior Support program encourages adults over age 55 with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in leisure-based activities, stay socially engaged and mentally stimulated. 

Meaningful Day Program

Chesterwye connects people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to employment opportunities where they can earn a paycheck and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. Hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense. It supports diversity initiatives and expands the customer base.  Employees with disabilities are dependable, hardworking and productive.  Business patrons tend to feel favorable when businesses employ people with disabilities. Employers can also capitalize on the value and talent people with disabilities offer in the workplace with both Federal and State financial incentives.  Chesterwye is eager to work with community members to identify full and part-time employment opportunities where the ChesterWye community members may earn a paycheck and realize the satisfaction of a productive lifestyle. We equip the people at Chesterwye for long-term success--helping them acquire skills needed to perform specific tasks, develop work routine, and attain personal life activities critical to successful employment. We stay connected to ensure business satisfaction and their long-term in the workplace. 

Employment Coaching & Opportunities


Chesterwye Center maintains a fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles to ensure access to local activities for the community we support.  Transportation opportunities include morning and afternoon transportation from home to the Chesterwye drop-in center, jobs, volunteer locations, appointments and other local venues.  A typical day at a Chesterwye home may involve taking a trip to the mall, a local hike on the beautiful circuit of water trails in Grasonville or a trip to the Chesterwye center for lunch and activities.  The Chesterwye day programs are available to members of the extended disability community for enrichment. 

Transportation Services

Transitioning Youth

The Chesterwye Center welcomes inquiries from youth (ages 14 to 22) transitioning from the high school system. We help families sort through the wide variety of options available for those who are eligible for Maryland’s Transitioning Youth Initiative through the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS), the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) or both.

Families & Care Givers may request a day or week’s ‘vacation’ where the family member they care for stays at a Chesterwye home operated by professional Chesterwye staff. The respite stay can rejuvenate the caregiver while providing a rewarding experience for the family member as an overnight guest. Respite provides families with a break from their care giving duties, but may also be used for personal situations such as hospitalization, appointments, etc. We ask that you try to call a month in advance to schedule Caregiver Respite Services.    

Respite Program

Contact Our Care Team

Learn more about the Chesterwye Center and how to become a part of our community of clients. 



CALL:   410-827-7048  Ext: 302

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