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Chesterwye News & Upcoming Events


Spring Homecoming

This Spring, Sharon Dubel was excited to move into her new home.  Earlier in the year she had decided to move into Chesterwye's newest fully wheel chair accessible home.  Sharon's color choice for her new room was a beautiful shade of lavender.  Sharon's sister-in-law Cathy, spent weeks color coordinating her new room with quilts, artwork, new furniture and family photos.  

Some of the features of Sharon's new home include wheelchair height counters, and induction stove top as well as, a ceiling height track system which facilitates mobility around the home.  

The house was built in 2018 through a partnership with Queen Anne's County and the ChesterWye Foundation, to promote accessible living for Queen Anne's County residents.  Sharon has been a member of the Chesterwye for more than two decades.  When asked what she is looking forward to in her new home, Sharon answered,  "Thanks that's easy, being close to my family."

No upcoming events at the moment

Boyd House renovation by the Chesterwye Foundation 

William “Earl” Griffen died on February 17th, 2021 at the age of 100 years old. Earl left a bequest of $200,000 to Chesterwye Foundation. Earl’s remarkable generosity has helped to complete renovations on Boyd House which will provide “state of the art” homestyle living for four adults with disabilities. Boyd House has four bedrooms, an open floor plan with a recreation area, a bath designed for wheelchair accessibility, and a second bath designed to assist with mobility. 


In 1975, Queen Anne’s County was the first county in the state of Maryland to provide “homestyle” living for adults with disabilities. The original home, Ringgold House, remains in service today.  Boyd House represents the evolution of this design and idea by accommodating wheelchair access throughout the home along with a range of professional support services provided by the Chesterwye Foundation and Center and by a team of specially qualified professionals.   


Today the Chesterwye Foundation and Center maintains and supports adults in nine homes in Queen Anne’s County.  Each home is outfitted to the specific needs of disabled adults. The next phase for Boyd House is furnishing, decorating, and landscaping. The bedrooms have already been painted to the color choices of the adults who will live at Boyd House.  


New and old, state-of-the-art and holistic, the design of Boyd House was the brainchild of a team of professionals at the Chesterwye Center, along with community volunteers.  The Boy Scouts have also helped to landscape Chesterwye Center and homes. Neighbors volunteer in the gardens. Every detail of the design of the home is dedicated to accessibility, dignity, and to the comfort of an adult with disabilities.  


Each adult is provided assistance including transportation to community activities, to a job, or to everyday outings such as a visit to the mall. “Homestyle living” provides a family atmosphere, with the dignity of a private room, close friendships, integration into the community, and the support of full-time professional care.

Professionals who work in the Chesterwye homes (DSPs or Direct Support Professionals) specialize in being a companion, providing assistance when needed, preparing meals, organizing outings, and ensuring the day-to-day safety of the adults in their care. 

DSPs become like family to the adults at the Chesterwye. Like so many healthcare professionals during COVID, DSPs have become “unsung heroes” in adapting to a world of change.  The Chesterwye Foundation celebrates our hometown heroes while the Chesterwye Center prepares for reopening and community activities.

You can donate to the Boyd House furnishings fund at, contact Cathy Frey at the ChesterWye Center at (410) 827-7048

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