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Spring Homecoming

Sharon Dubel was excited to move into her new home.  Earlier, she had decided to move into Chesterwye Center's newest fully wheel chair accessible home.  Sharon's color choice for her new room was a beautiful shade of lavender.  Sharon's sister-in-law, Cathy, spent weeks color coordinating her new room with quilts, artwork, new furniture and family photos.  

Some of the features of Sharon's new home include wheelchair height counters, and induction stove top as well as, a ceiling height track system which facilitates mobility around the home.  

The house was built in 2018 through a partnership with Queen Anne's County and the Chesterwye Foundation, to promote accessible living for Queen Anne's County residents.  Sharon has been a member of the Chesterwye Center community for more than two decades.  When asked what she is looking forward to in her new home, Sharon answered,  "Thanks that's easy, being close to my family."

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