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Executive Director: Debra Langseth


ChesterWye has a proud 55 year history of serving adults with disabilities.  We are committed to providing "homestyle" living, active participation in a vibrant community, developmentally appropriate enrichment activities and outings and opportunities to serve and work in the community. Over the years, Chesterwye has established a niche in the Eastern Shore’s disability field. We proudly support people whom other providers have identified as requiring too many health, medical, behavioral, or adaptive equipment challenges.

Each of our homes are adaptive private living, tailored to the specific needs and wishes of each residents.  Members of our community are encouraged to form enduring friendships and to explore their talents.  Each home is cared for with volunteer managed gardens and thoughtful decor making them the home an asset to the surrounding community.


We look forward to partnering with you and others in the community to provide safe, comfortable and enriching opportunities for our neighbors with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Debra Langseth, Executive Director


410-827-7048 Ext 302

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Cathy Frey,   Chief Financial Officer (email link)

Kimberly Cain,   Director of Operations  (email link)

Rene Zylka,   Director of Human Resources  (email link)

Elaine Studley,   Director of Development  (email link)

Penny Whitby,   Accountability Specialist (email link)

Terry Stacy,   Quality Enhancement,  (email link)

Ivy Bungori,  Office Administrator, (email link)

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