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Lasagna Style Bulb Combinations: Tips For Double Decker Bulb Planting

Planted in the autumn and allowed to come up naturally in spring, bulbs provide a hopeful glimpse into warmer weather to come. They also grow very well in containers, meaning you can grow them right on a porch or doorstep where they’ll show off their color the most. If you’re growing bulbs in containers, consider the lasagna bulb planting technique to ensure you get the most bang for your container buck and constant color and spring long. This article will help get you started with flower bulb lasagna growing.

Bulb Lasagna Gardening

Bulb lasagna gardening, also called double decker bulb planting, refers to the placement of bulbs within the container. Different bulbs bloom at different points in the spring, and by planting them all in the same container, you’re guaranteed a whole spring’s worth of successive blossoming. You want your flowers to fill out the container, though – you don’t want a big hole in your hyacinths [1] where your daffodils [2] will be in two months’ time.

That’s where the layering comes in. In autumn, cover the bottom of your container with a layer of gravel, then a layer of potting material. On top of that, place a full layer of large, late-spring bulbs.

Cover them with another layer of soil, then place a full layer of medium sized, mid-spring bulbs. Cover that with more soil (by now you should be getting the lasagna analogy) and place a layer of small, early-spring bulbs.

Top it all off with one more layer of soil, then surround and cover the container with mulch [3], leaves, or pine needles to insulate it over the winter.

In early spring, the top layer will bloom first, and around the time it’s dying off, you’ll see the middle layer, which in turn will be replaced by the bottom layer.

Lasagna Style Bulb Combinations

Bulb lasagna gardening is easy. With so many possible combinations, though, choosing the right plants for your double decker bulb planting can be overwhelming. It’s important to time your bulbs right, and most bulb packages will tell you when in the spring they bloom.

Some good early, small bulbs are:

Medium mid-season bulbs include:

Large, late-season bulbs include:

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