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Elaine Studley

Director of Development

Why a Private

Chesterwye Foundation and Center

Board of Directors


With each of the local competitors we will explore on this page... there is one aspect in common to all.  2022 was not an easy year for any nonprofit serving individuals with disabilities.

What is unique to the Chesterwye and our competitors is that each of us has a range of advantages.  Some have more day to day resources. Others have a long list of foundation relationships to rely upon for grants.  All were larger than Chesterwye but none offered greater commitment, resolve and creativity in supporting the adults in their community.  We have an immense amount to be proud of.


The objective of this page, is not to compare size or funding, longterm advantages or current resources but instead to look ahead in 2023, at comparative opportunities and potential successes which might best suit Chesterwye, give our community a few luxuries and build longterm sustainability.


In truth​, it is also a shameless plug for your support, engagement, interest and inspiration.

Please join me in exploring Chesterwye Development in 2023.

Playing Computer Games

  • 2 excellent videos

  • 4 cocktail hour lectures at the Center

  • 5 PR Pieces

  • 3 qtly reports beginning Spring

  • Monthly Blog and Email Blast

  • 3 foundation grants

  • 5K Rock, Roll and Stroll  (5/6) $35K

  • Thomas J. Ewing Dinner (9/16) $100K

  • Giving Tuesday  (11/30)  $30K

  • EOY Campaign (11/5/) $??K

What is possible for the Chesterwye

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